quest(Shield of Arrav)

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Getting Started

Before starting this quest, you are going to need a friend to help you who has not started this quest yet. Speak to Reldo, located in the Varrock Castle library, north from the entrance of the castle. Ask him for a quest. After a short conversation, he mentions about a book in the nearby shelves that may tell you about a quest. This book can be seen by a blue and white shield in the top shelf, facing away from the desk. After you have read this book, talk to Reldo and he tells you to talk to Baraek, who located outside of Varrock Castle.

Now that both of you have started the quest, decide on the gang that each of you will join. Apparently the Shield was broken in half, and each gang has 1 piece. You’ll each have to join a different gang to get both halves.

Phoenix Gang

Baraek can be found outside Varrock Castle in the marketplace, near the fur stall. Ask him about the gang, but before he gives out the location, he wants 20gp. After he tells you about the location of the gang, head along the south wall, walking east until you see a small building with a dungeon symbol. Entrance Climb down the ladder and talk to Straven.

Tell him that you know who they are, and that you would like to offer your services. He wants you to get an Intelligence Report from Johnny the Beard, located inside the Blue Moon Inn. After killing him, you should receive an ‘Intel report’. Bring that back to Straven and then he will allow you to be in the Phoenix Gang. He will give you a key in return, in which you have access to both the Phoenix hideout and a weapon storage place. Enter the hideout and head southwest until you see a chest. Open and search it and you will receive a left-half shield.

As soon as you get the left-half shield, climb the ladder and walk over to the building east of the hideout. Open the door and climb the ladder to approach a weapon storage building. Inside there is a Weaponmaster who is Level 23 and guards the Phoenix Crossbows. Kill the Weaponmaster and take two Phoenix crossbows on the floor. Give these to your friend in the Black Arm Gang.

Note: Magic attacks do not work on the Weaponmaster.

Black Arm Gang

After you have spoken to Reldo, talk to Charlie the Tramp and ask about the alley behind him. He says that the Black Arm Gang can be found there, and ask if they would let you join. Talk to Katrine, who is inside the building and tell her that you’ve heard that they are the Black Arm Gang. Ask her if you can become part of the gang, and asks you to steal two Phoenix Crossbows. Make sure your friend has traded you two Phoenix Crossbows.

Give Katrine the crossbows and she makes you part of the gang. Go upstairs and search the cupboard on the east wall for a right-half shield.

Final Steps

Once each of you have half a shield make your way to the Museum, north from Varrock East Bank. Talk to the curator. You will receive either two left half certificates, or two right half certificates. Which certificate you get depends on which gang you’re in. Find your partner, and trade them exchanging one of the certificates, so that you both have a left half, and a right half certificate. Use one half with the other to get a full Certificate, and then talk to King Roald in Varrock Castle to redeem your reward.

Congratulations! Quest Completed.


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A bracelet is a type of equipment item in RuneScape worn in the Hand slot of the equipped inventory menu. Bracelets are the third item type players can make with a gem with the skill Crafting. However, they’re members only. To enchant a bracelet (with gem on it), you need runes to cast the appropriate enchant spell. Bracelets can be created using a bracelet mould, a gold bar and gems at a furnace.

Gem Enchanted Picture Crafting Level Crafting XP Magic Level Magic XP Enchantment Effect
None N/A Gold bracelet 7 25 N/A N/A Cannot be enchanted
Sapphire Bracelet of clay Sapphire bracelet 23 60 7 17.5 Mines soft Clay instead of normal clay, disintergrates after 28 uses.
Emerald Castlewars bracelet Emerald bracelet 30 65 27 37 20% more damage to opposing side in Castle Wars, and bandages are 50% more effective, breaks after 3 uses.
Ruby Bracelet of innoculation Ruby bracelet 42 80 49 59 Protects user from disease damage, breaks after protection has been used up.
Diamond Forinthry bracelet Diamond bracelet 58 95 57 67 Prevents wearer from being skulled when entering the Abyss, and negates teleblocks casted by revenants. Players still suffer from Prayer drain when they enter the Abyss. Disintergrates after 5 uses.
Dragonstone Combat bracelet Dragonstone bracelet‎ 74 110 68 78 Teleports to Warriors Guild, Champions Guild, Ranging Guild and the Monastery, must be recharged at the legends guild after charges are used.
Onyx Bracelet of regeneration Onyx bracelet 84 125 87 97 Doubles natural hitpoint regeneration rate.


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Necklaces generally have no purpose other than to look expensive, except for the Burthorpe Games Room Necklace and Necklace of Binding, explained in the Magic guide. They can also be sold to the Jeweller in Port Sarim.



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Although they give low bonuses, feet are important to protect, and some boots give special bonuses!

Leather Boots
The most basic armor type for the feet. It is the only available feet protection for free players.

Colored Boots
Simple leather boots colored with dyes, obtainable from various clothing shops in RuneScape (Rellekka, Gnome Stronghold, Canifis, HAM). There are no additional bonuses for these boots.

Boots of Lightness
These have the same stats as leather boots, but their specialty is that they reduce your overall weight by 4kg. Can be obtained in the basement of the Temple Of Ikov. These are quite useful for running or Runecrafting.

Ranger Boots
The best and only boots that a ranger could ever have! Can be obtained from doing Treasure Trails, and are quite expensive.

Wizard Boots
Slightly better than Mystic Boots. Can be obtained from doing Treasure Trails.

Splitbark Boots
Not exactly the best boots for a mage, but its lowered mage stats has made up for the better protection it provides.

Climbing Boots
Useful for climbing up mountains and hills. It is used for quests such as Desert Treasure, Death Plateau, Troll Stronghold and Troll Romance. It provides slightly better protection from leather boots. It also provides a bit of strength.

Spiked Boots
You cannot wear those boots anywhere else than the Ice Plateau in the Desert Treasure Quest. These stop you from slipping on ice.

Mime Boots
Not particularly useful, more for bragging rights as you can only obtain it from the Mime Stage Random Event.

Desert Boots
These can reflect the desert heat, improving your chances of survival in the Al Kharidian Desert.

Gardening Boots
When worn, these boots allow you to plant crops 1 level ahead of your current level.

Armored Boots
There are many armored boots across runescape, mostly bought from other players or from Slayer monsters. They give a considerable bonus defense, but are heavier than regular type boots.

Dragon – 60 Defense
Dragon boots are a rare drop from the Spiritual mage in the god wars dungeon, requiring a slayer level of 83 to kill. They provide much better bonuses than rune and have much replaced them with their arrival when the dungeon first came out.

Bandos – 65 Defense
Bandos boots are one of the best boots in the game, it provides great bonuses but it’s costs deflect that. A very rare from from General Graardor and his warriors. They can be substituted with dragon boots.

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Bows are the most widely used Ranging weapons, using arrows as their ammo. There are various Bows that you can use, although Free-Players can use up to Maple Bows. The Ogre bow is obtained from the Big Chompy Bird Hunting Quest. Crystal Bows are only available after completing the Roving Elves Quest. Check below for more info about it.

Bow Chart
  Bow Ranged Attack Bonus Ranging Level
  Training Shortbow 8 1
  Shortbow 8 1
  Longbow 8 1
  Oak Shortbow 14 5
  Oak Longbow 14 5
  Willow Shortbow 20 20
  Willow Longbow 20 20
  Maple Shortbow 29 30
  Maple Longbow 29 30
  Ogre Bow 38 30
  Composite Ogre Bow 38 30
  Yew Shortbow 47 40
  Yew Longbow 47 40
  Yew Composite 49 40
  Magic Shortbow 69 50
  Magic Longbow 69 50
  Magic Composite 71 50
  Seercull 69 50
  Dark Bow 95 60
  Crystal Bow 100-64
See Below Section
Agility: 50

Crystal Bow

After completing the Roving Elves Quest, Members have the opportunity to buy a Crystal Bow for 900,000gp. You must have at least level 70 Ranging to use the bow. Unlike other bows, the Crystal Bow uses no ammo, and instead fires a magical shot. When you first start using it, it will have 2,500 uses, and each time you fire it, the remaining shots will decrease (As well as the attack bonus). If you right-click on the bow, you’ll see a rating out of 10, depending on how many shots you have left.

Crystal Bow Attack Ratings
Phase Range Attack Bonus
10/10 100
9/10 96
8/10 92
7/10 88
6/10 84
5/10 80
4/10 76
3/10 72
2/10 68
1/10 64

When all 2,500 shots have been used up, the bow stops working and turns into a crystal seed. This seed can be regrown into a fully charged bow by Ilfeen the Roving Elf, who can be found in central Isfadar. The first time you have a crystal bow recharged it will cost 900,000gp, but the price reduces after that:

Crystal Bow Recharge Cost
Recharge Cost
First 900,000gp
Second 720,000gp
Third 540,000gp
Fourth 360,000gp
Fifth and Onwards 180,000gp

It’s also worthwhile noting that you can have more than one Crystal Bow at once, by purchasing more Crystal Seeds and charging them.


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Gloves offer small Defense, but in some cases you need them to perform certain actions, such as picking up Nettles or Firebird Feathers. They may not have much defense, but they look good and are often worth it.

Leather Gloves
Regular Leather gloves are easy to obtain. They offer very small Defense and are considered worthless. You can craft these.

Colored Gloves
Some people believe they give better bonuses, but they are just a different color, for looks. Obtained in various place around runescape, some are tradeable to free players (The Canifis Gloves). Ham & FremennikGloves as well as any other gloves fall into this category, and cannot be made.

Splitbark Gloves
Although not the best globes for mages, these gloves provide a decent amount of defense.

Vambraces are known as archer armbands, which are designed to make the user fire arrows longer, so it gives more Defense and range bonus than regular gloves. Dragon Vambraces offer considerable Defense and magical protection.

Ice Gloves
Obtained from the ice queen in the Heroes Quest, these ice cool gloves allow you to touch hot stuff without harm. They offer a little better defense than regular gloves.

Mystic Gloves
Offering no physical protection but a small magic bonus, these gloves are made for mages. These are bought from the Magic Guild or dropped from Slayer monsters.

Klank’s Gauntlets
These hard gloves protect you from Half-Souless bites in the Underground Pass Quest. They are bought at 5,000gp each, and they are some of the best gloves in the game.

Steel Gauntlets
Offering the same great bonuses like the Klank Gauntlets, these gauntlets can actually be enchanted to 3 different types of gloves (Cooking, Crafting or Magic), after the Family Crest Quest. If you lose them, you can always get them back from the father.

Armored Gloves
Armoured Gloves are obtained during the Recipe for Disaster Quest. You can buy them from The Culinaromancers’ Chest and are untradeable. The gloves armour is known by their color, although know as ‘Gloves’ in-game. They range from Normal, Bronze, Iron, Steel, Black, Mithril, Addy, Rune, Dragon and finally to Barrows. They are said to be one of the best gloves in the game.


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Weapons are of course what you use throughout the game to attack NPCs and other players. Again, you need certain Attack levels to be able to wield different types of weapons as shown below.

1 1 5 10 20 30 40 60
Metal bronze Iron Steel Black Mithril Adamant Rune Dragon

Of course there are different weapons for different scenarios. Read below to find out information about each weapon. For the full statistics of each type of weapon in each type of smithable metal, please refer to our Smithing Tables.

CLAWS (members)
Speed Strength Damage
Fast Weak
  • Chop (Accurate – Slash)
  • Slash (Aggressive – Slash)
  • Lunge (Controlled – Stab)
  • Block (Defensive – Slash)
As fast as a Dagger, these can attack at over double the speed of a two-handed sword. Their ‘Slash’ attack is better than a dagger, but they can’t be poisoned.
Speed Strength Damage
Fast Weakest
  • Stab (Accurate – Stab)
  • Lunge (Aggressive – Stab)
  • Slash (Aggressive – Slash)
  • Block (Defensive – Stab)
A very fast weapon that is mainly for Stabbing, although it can be used to ‘Slash’ as well. The dagger is very useful for members because they can also be poisoned. This combination of speed and poison can prove lethal in player vs player combat and it’s good to start off a fight against Rangers or Mages.
Speed Strength Damage
Fast Weak
  • Stab (Accurate – Stab)
  • Lunge (Aggressive – Stab)
  • Slash (Aggressive – Slash)
  • Block (Defensive – Stab)
A fast Stabbing weapon which can deal more damage than basic daggers. It can also be used to ‘Slash’ and it’s good for people on a tight budget.
Speed Strength Damage
Fast Medium
  • Chop (Accurate – Slash)
  • Slash (Aggressive – Slash)
  • Lunge (Controlled – Stab)
  • Block (Defensive – Slash)
This is a ‘Slash’ only weapon, but stronger than a Short Sword. This is the ideal weapon to use on F2P as it hits well through Mages’ cloth and Rangers’ leather, and it’s a good compromise between speed and strength.
Speed Strength Damage
Medium Weak
  • Pound (Accurate – Crush)
  • Pummel (Aggressive – Crush)
  • Spike (Controlled – Stab)
  • Block (Defensive – Crush)
Primarily a ‘Crushing’ weapon which is good against platemail, this is the more flexible and weaker form of a warhammer. It is also the weapon of choice for priests as they give slight prayer bonuses.
Speed Strength Damage
Medium Medium
  • Chop (Accurate – Slash)
  • Slash (Aggressive – Slash)
  • Lunge (Controlled – Stab)
  • Block (Defensive – Slash)
A warrior’s loyal friend and often chosen weapon in many battles. It is used to ‘Stab’ and ‘Slash’ opponents and has enough strength to inflict significant damage. It has a good compromise between speed and strength, and also has a ‘controlled’ fighting option to spread xp gained amongst all fighting levels.
SPEAR (members)
Speed Strength Damage
Medium Medium
  • Lunge (Controlled – Stab)
  • Swipe (Controlled – Slash)
  • Pound (Controlled – Crush)
  • Block (Defensive – Stab)
The most flexible weapon in the game, it can attack with all different types of options. However it sacrifices speed and strength. It also has a ‘controlled’ fighting option. It can be poisoned.
Speed Strength Damage
Slow High
  • Chop (Accurate – Slash)
  • Hack (Aggressive – Slash)
  • Smash (Aggressive – Crush)
  • Block (Defensive – Slash)
Faster than the two-handed sword yet not as strong. This is the second most favoured weapon amongst warriors and can inflict significant ‘Slash’ damage versus Rangers and Mages, as well as ‘Crush’ damage versus other warriors.
Speed Strength Damage
Slow Medium
  • Pound (Accurate – Crush)
  • Pummel (Aggressive – Crush)
  • Block (Defensive – Crush)
A big lump of metal on the end of a stick, this is only used for fighting versus other warriors to ‘Crush’ through their platemail.
Speed Strength Damage
Slowest Highest
  • Chop (Accurate – Slash)
  • Slash (Aggressive – Slash)
  • Smash (Aggressive – Crush)
  • Block (Defensive – Slash)
Although the slowest of all weapons, it is very much the strongest weapon in the game. However, it can not be used with a shield. It can not be used to Stab but it still packs a mighty punch. This weapon is not used often due to its slow speed.
HALBERD (members)
     Speed Strength Damage
Slowest Highest
  • Jab (Controlled – Stab)
  • Swipe (Aggressive – Slash)
  • Fend (Defensive – Stab)
Being very slow is the disadvantage of this weapon. However, its advantage is its great reach whereby the warrior can attack enemies from a 2 square distance, even oversmall obstacles. This can be exploited in certain situations. 


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non-member capes

1. black cape

2. yellow cape

3. red cape  

4. blue cape

5. purple cape

6. orange cape

7. green cape

The original cape which you can dye is black. You can obtain the black cape from killing Highwaymen. Then dye them by going to Aggie, located in Draynor Village to get the dyes. She will tell you how to make them.

Stats: Defense: Slash+1, Crush+1, Range+2.

wilderness team cape

1.The capes you see here, are mostly for clans. Wilderness capes range from cape #1-50. When worn in the wilderness, other players who wear the same cape as you cannot be attacked, so if you’re in a clan, no “accidents” will happen. When another player is wearing the same wilderness cape, their dot on your mini-map is blue. You buy these capes in different ranges of wilderness off merchants, say for example, you buy something of merchant 8, all his capes have 8 in them, so he sells cape 8, cape 18, 28, etc.

The capes come in 5 different colors:

  • pink or purple
  • gold
  • blue
  • green
  • red

They sell for 50gp each. For more information on the wilderness capes, please check out the Wilderness Team Cape guide.

Stats: Defense: Slash+1, Crush+1, Range+2.

member capes

Fremennik Capes

These capes are a bit more stylish than the first ones mentioned above. They come in a wider range of colors and are more bright. These capes come from Rellekka, found in the Fremennik Province located just north of Seers Village. When you’ve completed the Fremennik Trials Quest, Fremenniks may buy these capes from the shop for 325 gp. They come in:

  • Cyan
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Gold
  • Gray
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Black 
  • Lavender
  • Blue

Stats: Attack: Defense: Slash+1, Crush+1, Range+2.

God Capes

The god capes represent the three main gods of runescape: Saradomin, Zamorak, and Guthix. To get these capes, you must have 60 magic. Then go to the Wilderness Mage Arena and defeat Kolodian to obtain it. When you have picked which cape you want, you will get a god staff with it, either it being Saradomin, Zamorak, or Guthix. However, if you do so die or drop the cape, you must return to the wilderness mage arena and pray at the god statue to obtain it again.

Stats: Attack: Magic+10, Range+0. Defense: Slash:+1, stab+1, crush+2, magic+10

TzHaar Capes

These capes are located under the hot volcano on Karamja. The best capes in the whole game are located here, even a cape that moves, yes that’s right, a cape that is animated! Do you have what it takes to get these capes?

Obsidian Cape:

The Obsidian cape is one of the newest capes in the game and the second best. The obsidian cape may look a lot like the zamorak god cape, but this is even better. It can be bought at TzHaar city for 90,000 TokKul and also can be obtained by killing the level 133 TzHaar-Xil or the level 149 TzHaar-Ket.

Stats: Defense: Slash+9, Stab+9, Crush+9, Magic+9, Range+9.

Fire (Lava) Cape:

Yes, the moment of truth. This is the one and only cape in the entire game of RuneScape that is animated while playing. Not to mention it’s the cape that gives the best stats in all of RuneScape too. Getting this cape is not an easy task; many have tried but only a few came out alive. To get this wonderful cape, you must defeat the TzHaar Fight Caves Mini-Game.

Stats: Attack: Slash+1, Stab+1, Crush+1, Magic+1, Range+1. Defense: Slash+11, Stab+11, crush+11, magic+11, range+11. Strength+4. Prayer+2

Legends Cape

This is the only white cape in the whole game. This Legends Cape is the third best cape in RuneScape. To get this cape, you have to finish the Legends Quest to obtain it. You buy it at the Legends Guild store for 675gp. So when you finish the quest, go and buy yourself the only white cape in the game and wear it with pride and honor. These cost a lot less than the Obsidian Cape and only give 2 less bonus points than the Obsidian Cape so just use your money on this instead, unless you want to show off your wealth.

Stats: Stats: Defense: Slash+7, Stab+7, Crush+7, Magic+7, Range+7.

Castle Wars Cloaks

These cloaks are yet again to represent the gods of RuneScape, but this time only Saradomin and Zamorak. They are bought at the Castle Wars Mini-Game shop for 10 Castle Wars Tickets. When playing then game Castle Wars, you will have the same thing except it is attached with a hood.

Stats: Defense: Slash+1, Crush+1, Magic+0, Range+2.

Ghostly Cloak

This cloak can be obtained if you have gotten to a certain stage in the Desert Treasure Quest or have completed it. As the name says, it’s like being a ghost while you’re wearing it: you are transparent and you can see through yourself. Along with this, there is also a full set of this ghostly material along with hood,robe, robe bottom, gloves, boots, and the cape itself. See the Ghostly robes Mini-Quest guide for info on obtaining them.

Stats: Attack: Magic+5. Defense: Magic+5.

Mourner’s Cloak

This cloak is obtained while doing the quest Morning’s End – Part One. It goes along with the mourner suit. It gives no added equipment bonuses.

H.A.M. Cloak

No, not the meat ham! This is the Humans Against Monsters cult in RuneScape. This can be obtained by pickpocketing a H.A.M. member or by killing them. Wearing this cloak will give you a better chance to pickpocket a H.A.M. member.

Stats: Attack: Slash+0, stab+0, crush+0, magic+0, range+0. Defense: Slash+1, Stab+0, crush+1, magic+0, range+2.

Hunter Capes

These capes are a reward from the falconry when hunting there. The spotted cape needs 2 spotted kebbit furs and 400gp to make and you must have lvl 40 hunter to wear it. While wearing it your weight is decreased by 2-3kg. The spottier cape needs 2 dashing kebbit furs and 800gp to make and you must have lvl 66 hunter to wear it. While wearing it your weight is decreased by 4-5kg.

Stats: Defense: Slash+0, Stab+1, crush+1, magic+0, range+2


quest(Romeo and Juliet)

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item(s):cadava berry

reward(s):5 Q.P.(quest point)

1. Talk to Juliet on her second floor balcony to learn about the love affair with Romeo and the complications that have set in. She asks you to take a message to Romeo in Varrock square. You can also Talk to Romeo in Varrock Square. Romeo will ask you to talk to Juliet.

2. Juliet will give you a message to give to Romeo.

3. Take the message to Romeo and he will send you off to Father Lawrence who is in the chapel in the north-east part of Varrock. 

4. Father Lawrence is in the middle of a sermon, and he is reluctant to talk to you, but your character persists to the end. After you relate the situation he will tell you that you need a Cadava Potion, and to get one you need to talk to the Apothecary in south-west Varrock.

5. The Apothecary will say that all he needs for the potion is a Cadava berry, which can be found south-east of varrock near the mining pits.

6. Get the Cadava berries and bring them to the Apothecary, he will make you a Cadava potion. 

7. Bring the potion to Juliet, she will drink it and a cutscene will appear. 

8.Go and talk to Romeo and tell him the plan. Another cutscene will appear. Romeo forgets Juliet and meets her cousin, they live happy ever after (Romeo and Juliet’s Cousin).
Quest Complete!

Who cares about a bad ending, as long as you get your reward, right? 



quest(Goblin Diplomacy)

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item(s):3 Brown Goblin mails, 2 Woad leaves, 3 Redberries, 2 Onions, and 15 gp (35 gp if you don’t have Woad leaves).

reward(s):200 Crafting exp , 1 Gold bar , 5Q.P.(quest point)

1. Start the quests by speaking to General Bentnoze or General Wartface in the Goblin Village which is northwest of Falador. You will hear the generals arguing about which color of armor is best. Ask if you could help them decide and they will accept your help. The first color they wish to try is orange. Before you leave the village grab 3 Goblin mails found in chests in the following locations.
* The one near the ladder is up in the Watchtower

2. Head down to Falador and talk to Wyson the gardener who can be found in the park. Talk to him about Woad leaves and he will ask what price you will offer on them. Tell him 20 gp and he will give you 2 for being so generous. Next head down to Rimmington an pick 2 onions which can be found in a field just north of the town. Now you will need to head over to Varrock to get some Redberries. Go to the south gate and walk east outside of the city walls and you will find 2 redberry bushes near the mines. Pick 3 redberries and go to Draynor Village.

3. Once in Draynor Village talk to Aggie who can be found just north of the bank. Talk to her about dyes and have her made you one red, one yellow, and one blue. Each dye will cost 5 gp and some of the ingredients you picked up. Once you have all the dyes made use your red and yellow together to make an orange dye. Use you new orange dye on one of your Goblin mails and your blue dye on another one. Keep the other Goblin mail for later.

4. Go back up to the Goblin Village and talk to the generals. Tell them you have the Orange goblin mail and you will go into a cutscene of Grubfoot trying it on. The generals are not pleased with the color and ask you to get blue.

5. Talk to them again and tell them you have the Blue goblin mail and you will again go into a cutscene of Grubfoot trying it on. Again they are not satisfied and will ask you to get brown.

6. Talk to them once again having done nothing to your last Goblin mail and you will go into a cutscene which they are happy with the results. They agree brown is the best color and will reward you for your help.